Wendy & Shawn Eat Local for 30 Days, Part 1

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Dear readers: here’s the first in our new series of guest blog posts–look for future guest posts under ‘Guest Bites’. Bon appetit!


Just a few summer evenings ago, over a deliciously grilled dinner served al fresco, my husband Shawn proposed an intriguing idea. He always has great ideas. He’s a “Big Idea” Guy. “What do you think about only purchasing and consuming foods from Farmers’ Markets for 30 days?” He asks, looking at me with big eyes and a smile.

My mind instantly filled with idyllic thoughts. Yes! This will help us be healthier! We will be helping farmers and our community! What fun to shop at Farmers’ Markets! The foods we buy will be fresher, more responsible, and sustainable! I can finally get Shawn to do the shopping with me!

As much as I fought to keep the questions at bay though, I am a “Details” Gal. I am practical, sometimes to a fault (it’s why he married me, I’m sure) and questions quickly begin to flood out my picturesque thoughts.

  • Can we really afford this?
  • What about dairy? I can’t live without dairy and aren’t their rules about dairy at markets?
  • Can I really get what I need at Farmers’ Markets?
  • We can’t eat jewelry and soaps; is there really enough varieties of food?
  • Will we have to drastically change the way we eat to do this?
  • Will he have time for all the planning necessary to do this?
  • Who has time to prepare everything?
  • Will we have a set of rules?
making a plan
We Are Up to The Challenge

I looked over at Shawn who was looking at me with the “I know exactly what you’re thinking” look and he told me we would have to establish guidelines, of course. It’s like he read my mind and then I think the two of us working together might really be able to pull this off. Can a two adult household on a budget successfully shop and eat only from Vancouver/Portland area Farmers’ Markets for 30 days?

I began to relax a little and started to process what this 30 day challenge means and what we might learn about our local communities, farms and ourselves in the next 30 days.

Now, on to making up the rules, my favorite part. I told you I was a “Details” Gal.

We’ll keep you posted…

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